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Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance

Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance report¿s¿ to the ¿Academic Registrar and ¿Director¿, ¿Academic Affairs, Digital & Learning Transformation. It provides oversight of DIT’s overall academic programme offering and has responsibility for planning, organising, managing and reporting in relation to the Institute’s quality enhancement programme and for the quality review processes at different levels within the Institute. 

In addition, responsibilities include maintenance of academic programme records including providing updates to Student Development to update the student record system

Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance is also responsible for coordinating and managing the business of Academic Council and its Academic Quality Assurance Sub-Committee and for bringing forward reports to the Institute's Governing Body in this respect.

Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance plays an important role in academic policy formulation and development¿ which extends to overseeing, implementing, reviewing and updating ¿¿a range of academic policies including the Handbook for Academic Quality Enhancement and the Institute’s General Assessment Regulation¿s¿. The Office is also responsible for managing the Institute's Appeals and Student Disciplinary Processes.

Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance is responsible for liaison with and reporting to Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and engages with national and international quality networks participating in range of working groups.

Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance is closely involved in arrangements in relation to partnerships with external institutions/ organisations and deals with enquiries in relation to the placement of the Institute’s awards.