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ICT Services

DIT Information & Communication Technology Services provides all central IT services, business applications, support, connectivity, infrastructure and web services for the staff, students and the research communinity operating within all Institute buildings.


Our Mission Is:

To deliver innovative, integrated, and seamless technology services that will support Academia, Learners, Research, Student Services, the Institute’s partners, Corporate Services and the communities we serve.

As a single empowered entity, we will partner with all our stakeholders at every stage of the lifecycle from inception through design, delivery, and exploitation of our services.

Our platform will be provided on a learner-/stakeholder-centred basis, on-demand, at any location, from any device and at any time.  

Providing, Supporting, Connecting 

Providing a modern and enabling technology experience for stakeholders

Supporting learning, teaching, and research with quality tools and facilities

Connecting all our stakeholders using communication management