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HEAnet FileSender

Do you have a requirement to send information to an external partner, customer, or government body that includes one or more of the following types of data?

• Personal data (including academic records, medical or financial data) on students, staff, or other living individuals
• Intellectual property that has commercial value for DIT
• Confidential Institute business


Do you plan to send that data via email? If so, what would be the impact if that email were accidentally, or deliberately, intercepted by a third party? This is easier than you think as once an email has left DIT, it’s like a postcard that could be read by anyone with access to the different routes the email might travel through. Also, email applications may suggest known user addresses when writing an email, and it can be very easy during busy times to send an email to an unintended recipient. If DIT data falls into the wrong hands, it must be treated as a data breach, and could result in negative consequences for the Institute, including both financial and reputational.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of a data breach, ICT Services strongly recommend using HEAnet FileSender when sending personal or confidential data outside of DIT. HEAnet FileSender is a web application that allows you to upload an encrypted file onto a secure website. Your recipient(s) receives an email with a link to download the file, and you can send on a suitably complex password through a different method (i.e. text message, over the phone, etc.) to allow them to decrypt the file, and be able to read it.

This way, if your email is intercepted, or goes to the wrong person, they won’t be able to read the data without the password, and you can enjoy piece of mind knowing you’re protected from a data breach, which could be very costly in terms of your time, and possibly your budget.


HEAnet FileSender is very easy to use, but here are a few steps explained, to help you get going:

1) Open your web browser, and go to

2) Select "Logon", and then click on Dublin Institute of Technology from the list provided


3) This will bring you to the DIT authentication page. Enter your staff number or your student number (don’t include or Type in your DIT password and click “Login” 


4) To use FileSender, enter the required details as indicated below:


Please note that the file cannot have an .exe extension. If you wish to send an executable file, you will first have to archive it using WinZip or similar software. More recent versions of Windows also allow you to create a .zip file from within File Explorer. Just select the relevant files and click on the Share tab. Also, note that only one file can be sent at a time. If you wish to send more files, you will need to create an archive. After the desired file is uploaded, click on "Send" when ready


5) At the prompt, now enter in a pass phrase, or click on "Generate" to have one automatically created. ICT Services recommends using a phrase with over 12 characters with numbers and special characters (i.e. $, @, #, etc.).


Click on “Ok” when ready. You should see a notification that the file has been uploaded, and the recipient notified. When sharing the pass phrase with the recipient, send it by text message, alternative email address, or ring them. If the message doesn’t appear in their Inbox, advise them to check their Spam or Junk email folder 

FileSender also allow a non-DIT user to send you a secure document. For more information, click on the “Guest Voucher” button