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Corporate Finance System

The Agresso application is the DIT corporate finance system. The business owner is the Finance department. For details around their business process and usage of Agresso please review their page Finance

The Business Development Team assist in developing, maintaining and resolving 2nd line issues with Agresso in liaison with the supplier.

Who can use this service

Staff - Please use the agresso form to apply for an account.


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Agresso is utilised as the requisition system which can be carried out online on the Agresso Business World front end

If you are new to Agresso you must first apply for access through the form on the Finance page:

This access is only granted once a relevant beginners course to Agresso is completed internally and information on booking this can be found below in related links.

Once the user has access to Agresso, the main use of the system will be raising requistions for their area and getting these approved via Workflow before they are sent out to the Supplier as a PDF. Depending on the users access they will be able to run certain reports against their areas budget code for instance Left to Spend and PO activity.


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Student Information System

The Banner application is the current SIS (Student Information System) for DIT, dealing with Students details from the admission stage through to graduation. There are a number of administrative users of Internet Native Banner (INB) system and a large amount of academic users utilising the Self-Service Banner (SSB) system. Each year DIT expects to register approximately 20,000 students on the student system. All DIT students will also interact with Banner via Self-Service system and through the process of online programme registration.

Who can use this service

Staff & Students (Self-Service).

To get access to Banner please complete this form


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The Banner system is required for staff within the Student Services department and other associated departments.

To access Banner click here, where you will need credentials for the system to log in successfully.

Please note the Banner works better in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If you are having problems logging into the system you can contact the Service Desk (Phone on ext 3123)


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Business Objects

If you do not have a Business Objects account, please fill out an application form.


Upgraded in 2014, the Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.1 application (formerly InfoView) is the main BI tool used within DIT to report against the Core (HR) and Banner (SIS) systems.

Currently there are more than 200 live corporate reports readily available across the Academic, Student Administration, HR, Finance and Payroll functional areas.

The Business Development team assist in the development of reports and dealing with technical issues when raised through the Service Desk.

Who can use this service



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If you do not have a Business Objects account, you must fill out an application form.

Please go to Service Desk and click on the forms link to find the form for Business Objects.


Business Objects has been configured to support AD Authentication. Therefore once an account has been activated, users with a valid (Staff ID) AD account will be able to access the system.

If you encounter problems with your password, please visit Access is assigned to the appropriate category of reports based on your functional area(s).


To apply for a Business Objects / Infoview account please complete this form


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The CMIS system is the current Timetabling system used by DIT, giving details of a programme timetable down to the module level.

These include the room in which the lecture or lab is taking places, at what time and under which lecturer.

Who can use this service

Staff & Students


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Web Timetabling System enables you to view, print or e-mail timetables using a Web Browser.

The Timetables makes it able for you to view:

  • Lecturer Timetables
  • Module Timetables
  • Room Timetables
  • Programme Timetables
  • Class Group Timetables

Students can access CMIS following the detailed instructions on the registration webpage.


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Content Management System

The Site manager tool is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows DIT to bring together all the various websites and information that they have across the organisation in one manageable area.

All changes to the website that are done through CMS will require a change request or project initiation document to be produced which should be in liaison with the public affairs office.

Who can use this service



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Core HR

Core Portal

The Core application provides a fully integrated solution for the HR and Finance (Payroll/Expenses) needs of the Institute. The Institute Business Product Owner is the Head of HR Services.

The Business Development Team assist in developing and maintaining the application and resolving 2nd level issues which arise in partnership with the supplier.

Currently the Business Development Team is participating in the Core Upgrade Project Team which is working to upgrade the application to a newer release and to provide additional functionality to staff.

Who can use this service



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All Staff have access to the CorePortal. Different options are available to staff within the portal depending on your role.

These options include reviewing/updating personal information including qualifications achieved, processing expense claims, viewing/submitting job applications, recording attendance and requesting leave.


The required login details are your staff ID and PIN. When you are initially appointed a four digit pin is provided.

In line with password policy this must be changed every 60 days.


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Virtual Learning Environment

The Webcourses system is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by DIT providing Students/Lecturers with module information and learning tools.

This is currently hosted by Blackboard who are one of the leading suppliers within the VLE arena.

As the system is utilised by the majority of DIT, this system sees a lot of traffic and the Business Development team assist in providing solutions to issues and business changes.

Who can use this service

Staff & Students


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All Staff and Students have access to Webcourses using their network login details at the following location:

Webcourses Login

This will give them a breakdown of the modules they are currently on, or that are running with areas for Lecture notes, assignments, labs, tests and learning tools.

The use of Blackboard Collaborate can allow lecturers to run online workshops and lectures which the Student can then attend whilst off campus.


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