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The document below outlines the time and attendance regulations applied to staff of DIT.  This document has been prepared by the HR department of DIT.

Time and Attendance Regulations 


1. These regulations apply to all staff required by the Institute to record their times of attendance and hours of work electronically.


2. The Core Time and Attendance electronic time keeping system and associated work records are the official basis for the recording of hours worked by staff.


3. All staff must record their arrival at their workplace at the beginning of the working day and their departure from the workplace at the end of the working day by means of the electronic time and attendance system.


4. In addition, all staff must record the beginning and end of each lunch break by means of the electronic time and attendance system.


5. The following actions are strictly prohibited, and will be treated as Gross Misconduct under the terms of the Institute’s Disciplinary Procedures:

Any attempt to tamper with timekeeping hardware or software

Falsification of information

Attempting to clock in or out for any other employee

Interfering with other employees’ use of any timekeeping equipment or forms

Causing damage to any timekeeping equipment

Attempting to view any other employees timekeeping records without authorisation.


Human Resources Department October 2011