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Video Conferencing

Media Services provides support for video conferencing events across the institute. Systems provided may vary site to site. Contact a Media Services team member to enquire about facilities available on a specific campus. To make a reservation for training or support, simply submit a request to

Please note that it may also be necessary to make a meeting room reservation in addition to a request for Media Services Support.


Under the Auspices of ICT, the Telematic Facility delivers a wide range of audio visual services foremost a high end video conferencing facility. The facility is a fully remote four camera recording studio with document camera, data projector, and monitor display system supporting both ISDN (up to 514k) and IP (up to 3mb) video confrencing. The Facility is based in Aungier St Room 3005. For further information please contact Support.


Skype is a freeware VOIP program installed on many PCs across DIT. Because Skype use can be influenced by many outside factors, including download/upload speed of the end user and weather, Media Services provides limited technical support to Skype users. Webcams compatible with Skype are available for short term loan on certain campuses. Please submit a booking form to to make a reservation.  


Polycom is a site specific voice and video conferencing technology available on certain campuses across DIT. Boardrooms and meeting rooms with Polycom installations must be reserved in advance through the relevant office. Media Services provides technical support only to staff members wishing to use Polycom services.  

HEAnet Desktop Video Conferencing

HEAnet’s new Desktop Video Conferencing Service provides video conferencing experience to desktops and hand-held devices using Vidyo's client software. This service is available to all DIT Staff members. Users can create meetings, invite participants by sending them a link to the meeting, share content, and even record Vidyo sessions.

Invited guests who are not DIT staff members can also install the desktop software to participate in the meeting.

To avail of this service:

  1. Download and install the Vidyo desktop client.
  2. Login to the VidyoPortal with your DIT staff number and password. The client will auto-start once you have logged in. 
  3. Invite other participants to join your conference by setting a date and time for your meeting.

If you experience difficulty setting up your meeting, please consult the online FAQ guide.

Did you know that call conferencing is available from your desk?

Call conferencing enables you to bring another person into a call already in progress so that three parties can speak to each other at the same time. To start a conference call:

1. Ring the first party to be included on the call (ACCESS1)
2. Press INQUIRY on your phone, and then dial the second party that you wish to bring into the conference call
3. When the second party answers their phone, PRESS 3
4. You should hear a should "beep," and then all three parties will be able to speak to each other
5. Any party can leave the call at any stage by simply hanging up