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Voice Network  

The Dublin Institute of Technology telephone network provides internal telephony services to over 20 sites.

The Networks & Systems Team are responsible for the provision of these services, working closely with the Service Desk and the Telephone Services Department to ensure that the Institute is making the most efficient use of its telephone network.

All telephones on the DIT network begin with the prefix 402 and have a 4 digit extension. The majority of telephones feature DDI (Direct Dial Inwards) extensions. This means that if you are dialling another DIT extension internally, you can dial the 4 digit extension without needing the 402 prefix. An internal call between extensions incurs no cost. With DDI, if somebody wants to call you directly from outside DIT, they can call 402 and replace the switchboard extension (3000) with your 4 digit extension.


Who can use this service


Getting started

DIT uses a combination of IP phones and Digital Handsets. The supported handsets are: Ericsson DBC202 /203 / 210 / 212 / 213 / 222 / 223 / 225 / IP Phone)

Regardless of your phone model, a wide variety of Common Facilities are available to all users, including Voicemail, call transfer and voice conferencing.

If you are new to DIT, you may need to ask your line manager to arrange for telephony services to be set up in your office. 


How do I get a phone in my office?

Please contact the Service Desk who will arrange the connection of a phone line to your office. The Service Desk also have a supply of handsets should you need a new or replacement handset.