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Data storage within DIT is managed by the ICT Data Centre. The Data Centre is a state-of-the-art IT equipment hosting facility which uses the APC ‘hot-aisle’ InfrastruXure solution to provide power, cooling and environmental management with a backup diesel generator that automatically takes the power load in the event of an electricity outage.

Who can use this service ?

Staff & Students

Getting Started

All DIT staff have an allocation of 1GB of personal filestorage (students have 4GB) in the form of a folder on a central server which can be accessed from any computer on the College network or from any computer with an Internet connection. This file-storage can be used to house data such as word documents and images.

Google Drive

In addition to storage provided by DIT, all staff and students are provided with unlimited cloud storage through Google drive. Your Google drive can be accessed through any device with an Internet connection, both on and off the DIT campus.

Student Home folders (Z:\ drive)

Students have 4GB of storage allocated as their home folder which is accessible as Z:\ (and MyDocuments) when logged on to DIT desktops in labs and libraries. This storage is available as a working storage area for documents required for assignments, projects etc. Student storage data is cleared down during the first week each September.

Common/shared folders (X:\ drive)

For collaboration purposes, common/shared folders are also available to students as the X:\ drive when logged on to DIT desktops in labs and libraries. Each school is allocated 500GB for common/shared folders.

Home folders and common/shared drives are enabled with shadow copy which allows students to recover documents deleted within the last month. Documents are also backed up nightly and retained for three months. Backups are also replicated offsite.

Cloud Storage

Additional cloud storage access can be provided on a case by case basis. To make a request, please submit the DIT Cloud Storage Request Form.

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