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MA in Higher Education


Q:What is the process of assessment and feedback on this programme?

A: All modules on the programme are assessed throught continuous assessment and are marked on a pass or fail basis. We provide in-depth formative feedback for every assessment and one of our core aims in the programme is to enhance learning with detailed feedback. For some modules, we offer additional feedback opportunities through formative tasks which are designed to give students opportunities to get feedback on ideas or drafts of their work.


Q: Are there choices of modules offered on the programme?

A: The programme is structured in a way that offers both Core and Elective modules. The core modules for the MA in Higher Education in Year 1 are: Learning Theories, Higher Education Policy and Educational Research Design. In addition to the core modules, a selection of elective modules are offered each year. The elective modules offer a range of topics and learning approaches designed to give students an opportunity to develop their particular interest or to introduce them to a new area of learning. The core module in Year 2 is the Thesis module. 


Q: What opportunities does this programme offer for professional development?

A: One of the main objectives of the programme is to provide the opportunity for lecturers and educational practitioners to deepen their knowledge of the higher education. The modules are developed to help students develop their knowledge of higher education policy and practices, their understanding of different approaches to learning and also to enhance their writing and research skills. Many students on the programme wish to focus in-depth on an aspect of their educationl practice and to conduct research. Many graduates of the programme publish papers in academic journals based on their research and thesis.


Q: How much independent learning is involved?

A: In short, a lot of independent work is required. The programme is delivered through a combination of scheduled classes (on Tuesdays) and online delivery. In addition to this, students are expected to undertake reading and assignments over the year. Each module has a dedicated section on the DIT Virtual Learning Environment (Webcourses) where resources and reading materials are provided for students.

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