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Academic Integrity & Plagiarism

Academic integrity encompasses the conservation of academic standards, accuracy and honesty in research and publishing, and the refraining from cheating and plagiarism. 

Regulations regarding plagiarism in DIT are covered under the General Assessment Regulations for students, published by the Academic Quality Assurance Office on their website. These regulations include the definition of plagiarism and the processes required to deal with suspected cases. Individual colleges, schools and programmes may also publish guidelines which they provide via their websites and/or directly to their students. Information sessions are also be provided. Lecturers are encouraged to inform their students of how to avoid plagiarism, the mechanisms that are used to prevent it and the sanctions in place for plagiarising.

The LTTC provide the software tool SafeAssign as an integral part of Webcourses to help prevent plagiarism and properly attribute sources. SafeAssign allows students to electronically submit assignments and check these submissions for uncredited passages taken from other sources. SafeAssign Direct Submit is an additional tool which allows the lecturer to directly upload individual documents to SafeAssign (via Both tools produce reports that show matching sequences of words, matching sources and the percentage of matching words in the submission.
SafeAssign checks all submitted papers against publications in the ProQuest journal database, the SafeAssign Global reference database, the DIT repository of SafeAssign submitted documents and the broader internet. More information on SafeAssign can be found on the Blackboard help pages.
When submitting an assignment within Webcourses students are informed of both the DIT's General Assessment Regulations and DIT policy on research integrity and ethics available on the DIT Research and Enterprise website

The LTTC provide a Plagiarism detection with SafeAssign workshop.

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