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webcourses will CEASE TO EXIST on August 19th
please read the information below to find out how this may affect you

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New to Webcourses? - Check out these video tutorials (produced by Blackboard)

Document: How to Self Enrol on a Webcourses Module

Video Tutorial: How to Self Enrol on a Webcourses Module

Webcourses Acceptable Use - Please familiarise yourself with the policy

TU Dublin City Campus is changing Virtual Learning Environment.
From September 2019 webcourses will be replaced by our new VLE, Brightspace.
This is an exciting move which we hope will benefit all staff, and most importantly, all students.

Webcourses will cease on 19th August 2019 - what does this mean for students?
If you need access to anything in Webcourses over the summer break, you must do so before 19th August - this will be especially important if you need to access notes or other material to help you prepare for supplemental examinations and repeats. Any content required from webcourses must be downloaded before that date.
Assignments to submit? If you need to submit assignments after 19th August and would have expected to submit them via webcourses and/or SafeAssign, please contact your lecturer now.

What is webcourses?
Webcourses is the Virtual Learning Environment used within DIT, providing students with a blended learning experience. It runs in Blackboard Learn.

How To Login & Self Enrol
Use the button above, "DIT Student Login". Username is your student number and Password  is the same as you use for your DIT student email. It is your responsibility as a student to self enrol on all relevant modules. Your lecturer will give you the Webcourses Module ID required for Self Enrol.  For tutorials on how to Self Enrol please see below.

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Need help?
The first point of contact for a webcourses query is your relevant lecturer. Please contact them with your request.


Webcourses Usage Policy - please familiarise yourself with the Policy

Webcourses Privacy Statement - please familiarise yourself with the Statement

Want to access Webcourses on your phone / tablet?
Students can access webcourses from their phone and table. If you want to download the app Search Here. - Assignment and file submissions should only be done on a computer or laptop. 31 August 2017: Make sure you're using the current version of the app!

Problems logging in? Go to to reset your password

Able to login but webcourses seems a bit glitchy? Make sure your internet browser is compatible with webcourses/Blackboard by running the browser tuneup check When you click the link you will get a screen telling you if your system is supported for webcourses/Blackboard and advising of any changes you might need to make to your computer settings.