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Pre-Call announcement: 2018-9 Teaching Fellowship Team Award - Deadline 30Sept

Applications sought, from project teams, to develop a Proposal for a quality curriculum framework and institution-wide implementation plan 2018 Team Teaching Fellowship information and form

Successful Teaching Fellowship Team Award 2017-8

Learning from and engaging with assessment and feedback (LEAF)

The Learning from and Engaging with Assessment and Feedback (LEAF) project, has been awarded the first DIT Teaching Fellowship Team award. The project team includes representatives of all four colleges and 10 schools and the team leader is Dr. Ziene Mottiar. The award is being funded, jointly, by the Directorate of Academic Affairs, Digital and Learning Trasformation; the College of Arts and Tourism; the College of Business; the College of Engineering and Built Environment, and the College of Sciences and Health.

What are the aims of the LEAF project?

Assessment strategies have been shown to have a large impact on shaping how students learn and how they develop key employability skills. This project aims, through a phased approach, to develop and pilot an assessment and feedback strategy focusing on the development of employability skills represented by the DIT graduate attributes.

The project team comprises of 22 staff spread throughout the institute.  During the four phases of the project, the team will: review the literature and DIT data to identify issues and best practice; develop a strategy; operationalise the strategy through piloting in 21 programmes across all four colleges; and disseminate the results within and outside DIT.

The strategy will be evidence-based and future proofed by taking into account the constantly changing nature of the Irish third level sector as a whole and DIT in particular, such as growing student numbers reflected in bigger class sizes. It will also take into account the changing characteristics of the student cohort reflected in greater internationalisation and more non-traditional students.

About Teaching Fellowships at DIT

College Teaching Fellowships were established in the DIT in 2009 under the auspices of the Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance SIF 2 project. A College Fellowship is awarded in support of their work developing and evaluating a specific project that supports the enhancement of learning and/or curriculum development at a programme, school or College level.

For more information contact your College Head of Learning Development:

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And for more information about past DIT Fellowships, see the Fellowship reports on the DIT repository, Arrow.