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Classroom Polling Systems (clickers) in DIT

turning point clicker

Classroom polling systems offer a tool for engaging students in the classroom. These systems have been used in a variety of fields and at all levels of education. The teacher or lecturer poses a question to the students; the students use a clicker or smartphone to transmit answers. Some of the activities facilitated by classroom polling systems include:

  • Class Discussion - Facilitate discussion by polling students' opinions and discussing the reasons for their opinion
  • Feedback - Collect immediate feedback about students' understanding of lecture topics so confusion can be addressed quickly
  • Collect Data and Perform Formative Assessment - Collect data on course topics or learning preferences throughout the cycle of a course
  • Summative assessment - collect student answers to quizzes and exams
  • Take Attendance - Record attendance in large lecture courses.

What's available in DIT?

DIT is currently supporting a pilot study investigating the use of smart phones for in-class polling, and a DIT site-wide licence for the use of Turning Point 8 software is available free to all staff during 2018 (please be aware that a site wide licence beyond 2018 is not guaranteed).

Turning Point 8 allows your students to interact both remotely and in class with quizzes and polls delivered through MS-PowerPoint. To use Turning Point 8 the lecturer needs to request an account, download the appropriate software and then set up a quiz/poll in PowerPoint. The student needs to download a free app to their smartphone or tablet, and then be given the relevant session ID by the lecturer. The software is easy to use and Turning Point offer a free weekly training webinar. Registration for training and account request links are below.

Turning Point Cloud
Turning Point Cloud

Request your account

Register for Training

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Note: Clicker devices are also available from some DIT libraries and these work with older versions of Turning Point software. These devices are not currently configured for use with Turning Point 8 and will only work with older versions of the software already downloaded by DIT staff (Turning Point 5 is the most popular). Turning Point 5 is no longer being supported by Turning Point and users can expect a gradual loss of functionality as MS-Office, operating systems etc are upgraded. Polls/quizzes created in Turning Point 5 can however be imported into Turning Point Cloud.