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Dublin eLearning Summer School 2018 - programme now available

Posted: Wed, 06 Jun 2018 16:03:00 IST

Dublin eLearning Summer School 2018

Dublin eLearning Summer School 2018
"Teaching Generation Z"

Dublin eLearning Summer School 2018 is focussing on the students who are just now coming on to our campuses.

Generation Z are broadly aged 5 - 19 years and are characterized by an over-reliance on technology and 24/7 access to information; have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction; have a tendency to think in a non-linear fashion; and are more risk-averse than previous generations. They are also quite entrepreneurial and have confidence in their ability to change the world, but believe that their college degree is necessary in order to achieve career goals. These are our next generation of students entering higher education. Do we understand them? Are we ready for them? What changes will they bring?

Looking forward to meeting you at this year’s event!

DIT Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre