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Our Objectives

  1. Build and sustain engagement with all key stake-holders of AADLT and establish a clear identity for the Directorate.
  2. Make significant progress in the development and implementation of the Digital Campus.
  3. Drive the development of the DIT learning transformation agenda.
  4. Maintain and develop a modern ICT infrastructure that ensures that ICT services are fit for purpose for all stakeholders.
  5. Design and implement a professional development framework for staff that supports individual and operational learning needs and equips all staff with the competencies to deliver DIT’s strategic goals. 
  6. Develop and implement the DIT quality assurance framework in support of our goal to maintain academic excellence in professional programmes
  7. Maintain and develop library services in order to support the user experience
  8. Develop an inclusive and diverse directorate where people are valued and supported.  

Available soon: AADLT Strategic Plan.