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Office of Public Affairs - Design & Print Services

The Office of Public Affairs in Dublin Institute of Technology is responsible for managing and implementing the Institute's corporate identity.

We offer comprehensive advice and support on the design and production of all promotional material for the Institute including programme literature, general leaflets, exhibition and conference material, advertisements, brochures etc.


Melda Slattery                        Head of Public Affairs

01 402 7138

David Kirk                               Head, Corporate Partnerships           

01 402 7039

Emer O’Kelly                          Communications Manager          

01 402 4236

Lisa Saputo Public Relations Officer 

01 402 4172

Jill O’Callaghan                    Design/Visual Identity Officer              

01 402 7133

Deirdre Fitzpatrick                   Web & Online Media Officer              

01 402 5321

Tony Farrelly Web & Online Media Officer

01 402 7629

Sarah Doyle Web Support Officer
01 402 4277

Siobhán Nic Gaoithin          Oifigeach na Gaeilge                          

01 402 7043

Gráinne Ní Bhreithiún        Oifigeach na Gaeilge                          

01 402 7043

Public Affairs
Dublin Institute of Technology
Dublin 7