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DIT Logo


The Dublin Institute of Technology logo retains familiar links with Dublin: The symbolic three castles, a symbol of the City of Dublin, have been modified and updated and appear as three points of a six pointed crystal shape representing the present six faculties that comprise Dublin Institute of Technology.Two tones of blue long associated with the city of Dublin, are used within the shield device. These two parts of the shield are both separated and joined simultaneously by a golden yellow wavy line, representative of the River Liffey which flows through the city. Whereas the shield is the focal point of the logotype, this has been accompanied by an Irish and English version of the Institute’s name. The typeface Trajan, lends a classical and timeless feel to the logo.

Use of Colour

The Dublin Institute of Technology logo must always appear in the corporate colours. On uncoated stock the colours are Pantone 286U(dark blue), Pantone 2995U lighter blue) and Pantone115U(yellow). On coated stock the colours are Pantone 286C(dark blue), Pantone 2925C (lighter blue) and Pantone123C(yellow).

Under no circumstances should the logo style be altered in any way.

The files can be supplied in both Mac and PC formats:

Mac format will be supplied in Adobe Illustrator eps files. These files will be for lithographic and other high definition reproduction processes. The files will have embedded DIT Pantone references to allow for both Spot and CMYK colour reproduction. In cases where there is a coloured or dark background the reversed versions [(i) DIT_logocolrv.eps and (iv) DIT_logomonrv.eps] should be used. The file names are as follows:





PC format will be supplied as RGB jpgs. They will allow for on screen usage, as well as colour laser printing. The file names are as follows:

Low Resolution (e.g. for web)



DIT logocol.png

DIT logocolrv.png


High Resolution (e.g. for print)



Downloading the Logo for use with Microsoft Applications:

  • Select the version of the logo you require.
  • Go to file and save as jpeg.
  • Open the saved copy and copy and paste into the program you are working in.
  • Highlight the logo and use the resizing boxes to reduce or enlarge the logo. Holding down the arrow key on your keyboard while resizing the logo will retain the correct proportions.

For further information on usage of the DIT Logo please contact Jill O'Callaghan (+353 1 402 7133).