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Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

(In accordance with Section 16 of the FOI Acts, 1997 & 2003)

This Reference Guide has been prepared and published in accordance with the publication requirements set out in Section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act, 1997 as amended by the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Act, 2003.  It is intended as a practical guide to facilitate the public in understanding how TU Dublin makes decisions under enactments and schemes it operates.  It lists the rules, procedures, practices, etc. used for the purposes of decisions, determinations or recommendations under or for the purposes of any such enactment or scheme. 

Further information on the services of TU Dublin is contained in a Reference Book published under Section 15 of the FOI Acts, which is available here.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines used in Decision Making

Governance of the Institute:

Dublin Institute of Technology Act, 1992
Dublin Institute of Technology (Amendment) Act, 1994
Institute of Technology Act, 2006
DIT Governing Body: Membership Details

General Information:

DIT Organisational Chart
Staff Contacts
Department Contacts
Studying at DIT 
Information for Students - Campus Life

Teaching and Learning:

Quality Assurance & Academic Programme Records 
Graduate Research School old
International Students
Library Regulations

Research and Enterprise:

Research and Enterprise
Ethics in DIT
DIT Intellectual Property Policy

Human Resources:

Human Resources Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Student Administration and Support Services:

Student Rules & Regulations
Student Support
Disability Service


Finance Policies & Procedures (internal access only)

Health and Safety:

Health and Safety Legislation
Health and Safety Policies & Procedures 

Information Services:

Information Services Regulations

Records Management:

Records Management Policy and Retention Schedules

Data Protection:

Data Protection Policies and Guidelines

Freedom of Information:

Freedom of Information Guidelines and Procedures