Employee Assistance Programme


Employee Assistance Programme

Since January 2013, DIT has offered a free, strictly confidential counselling and information service (an Employee Assistance Programme), provided by Vhi Corporate Solutions (VHI).

Introducing Your EAP:


When life gets on top of us, we all need someone to talk to - that’s exactly how your EAP service can help.  In times of crises or emotional distress, you can have peace of mind that your EAP will provide the practical assistance and emotional support you need.  DIT recognises the issues all employees and their families experience and that it is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that personal and work-related problems are solved as early as possible.

We encourage you to talk to VHI.  If you require access to the information or counselling service call freephone 1800 995 955, or you can email an enquiry to the specialist information service at eap@vhics.ie.  Whether you decide to get in touch with VHI over the phone or via email, support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You can also see a counsellor, locally, for face to face counselling.

See Page 2 of the EAP Policy document, for a chart which shows the EAP process from when you first make a call: EAP Policy

In addition, you can also access the service via the Vhi EAP Online Tool, by logging onto: www.wellbeing-4life.com , the username is VHIdit.  Also attached is a VHI Booklet giving additional background information for your convenience.

There are some really useful on-line resources, to help improve your wellness and wellbeing - get access to articles, content and interactive tools that will help you in all areas of life, work, relationships, finances and more! 

Did you know about?

EAP Coaching Services:

EAP Parent and Career Coaching Services


The EAP service can help you or your family with advice on any of these areas:

  • Relationship Milestones
  •  Moving Location
  • Having Children 
  •  Managing Money
  •  Retirement Issues
  •  Family Crisis
  •  Personal Crisis
  •  Illness
  •  Staying Healthy
  •  Returning to Work
  •  Responsibility at work
  •  Buying a new home


The service being provided by VHI is being managed through the Directorate of Academic Affairs and Registrar.  There are posters around the Institute, reminding you of the service and regular information on the service will be communicated via UPDATE.


Kind regards


Academic Affairs Operations Manager

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