The Access and Civic Engagement Office

The Access and Civic Engagement Office is located at the following address:

DIT Access and Civic Engagement Service – Community Links

Grangegorman Lower

Dublin 7

Please ring 01 402 7604 with any questions.



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DIT Access Service

The DIT Access Service provides a broad range of supports to ensure that students from communities and backgrounds where there is little tradition of participation in higher education succeed in accessing and graduating from higher education.

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Computer Learning in Communities

CLiC was established in 2011 and is built on 13 years of experience and knowledge gained on programmes that promoted the benefits and successful use of ICT in education.


CLiC aims to provide education via ICT to Dublin inner city communities. This will be achieved through three initiatives within the programme. CLiCcommunities, CLiCschools, CLiCmobile.

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Ballymun Music Programme

We provide an entry to the wonderful world of music making.


Working in partnership with local schools we provide instrumental tuition and ensemble opportunities on site and in our new Music Room.


We provide a structure that facilitates the ongoing development of the young musician from the beginning stage through to Leaving Certificate and third level entry.

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Students Learning With Communities

The Programme was established to encourage students to practice the skills they have developed in DIT in their subject specialist area, i.e. engineering, music etc, to help community groups and organisations.


Having successfully completed this learning process, students receive course credits from DIT which form part of their overall results. Students who participate in this programme come from all faculties at DIT and work with organisations which meet the needs of local people.

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