DIT Access Service

Timetable 2017

 Please click on the link ABOVE to view the timetable for YOUR 5 Day Orientation Programme. If your DIT offer stipulates that you attend the Orientation Programme, you are expected to attend all components of the Orientation Programme.   If, under extenuating circumstances, you are not able to attend a part of the Orientation Programme, you will need to email access@dit.ie ASAP.  Your offer of a place in DIT is conditional upon your full attendance at the Orientation Week.

NOTE: If you are having difficulties in opening the Access Orientation 2017 Timetable in your current browser, Google Chrome is the most compatible. In the event that you are still unable to open/download the timetable, please email access@dit.ie requesting our pdf version by reply email.


Student Survey 2017

All new Access Students attending the 2017 Orientation Programme must complete the DIT ACCESS SERVICE STUDENT SURVEY 2017 which will be available at the link below from Tuesday, 29th August 2017.

The ACCESS FIRST YEAR STUDENT SURVEY for new students beginning college in 2017 will be available HERE from Tuesday, 29th August.  PLEASE do not complete the survey at this link before Tuesday, 29th AUGUST.