DIT Access Service

Student Contribution Charge

The Student Contribution Charge is a charge that applies to everyone who enrolls in a full-time undergraduate course in DIT, and most other colleges. It covers the costs of providing a wide range of student services and administration services to you as a student.  The Student Contribution Charge is charged for each year that you are registered as a full-time undergraduate student. 

Students enrolling in first year receive a bill for this Charge following their acceptance of a course offer. You may be required to pay either:  (a) none of it (if in receipt of SUSI Grant), (b) part of it or (c) all of it.  Your household or family financial income is assessed or 'means tested' to determine if you qualify for SUSI Grant.  If you do not apply for a SUSI grant, then you may be liable for the full cost of the Student Contribution Charge yourself.  


SUSI Grant

The majority of students enrolled on the Access Programme will be eligible for a Higher Education / SUSI Grant. You MUST apply for a grant as soon as possible as it will cover the cost of your Student Contribution Charge. You can apply for the grant via www.studentfinance.ie.  Your grant authority will not cover the cost of a repeat year, whether in the same course or a new one.


Additional Financial Support

Other scholarships are available to some Access Students and details of these can be found on www.studentfinance.ie – Other Bursaries and Scholarships.

Student Assistance Fund

There are additional assistance funds available to full-time DIT students. More information on these funds will be discussed at the Access Service Orientation Programme. All students will be eligible to apply for these funds.  See other tabs for further information about these funds.

Access Student Assistance Fund (Access SAF)

Students who completed the Access Orientation Programme will be eligible to apply to the Access SAF for additional funding.

The form will not be accepted if not completed in full and will be returned to the student if incomplete. Please read the form carefully before applying.

If you have any queries in relation the the Access Student Assistance Fund (SAF) please contact access@dit.ie 

The Access SAF form will be available here in September 2018.



General Assistance Funds 2018/19

The DIT Financial Aid Office offers a range of funds to which DIT Access Students can apply.

Updated forms for 2018/19 will be available soon.  Please see the DIT Financial Aid website to learn more about the funding available:  http://www.dit.ie/campuslife/studentsupport/studentfinancialsupport/

You are only entitled to apply for EITHER Rent Assistance Fund OR Student Assistance Fund, not both funds.