Engagement Outreach

The CLiC News website is a project developed by the Access and Civic Engagement (ACE) Office, Students Learning with Communities (SLWC) and the School of Media in the TU Dublin - City Campus. The website is coordinated by ACE with the content being provided by the 2nd Year BA Journalism Students in the School of Media. These students get course credit (Community-based Learning) for their contribution to the website and they are supported in their work by SLWC.  New features are regularly being developed based on teacher and pupil feedback.

This CLiC News website has been created especially for primary school children. It taps into the popularity of the internet in a positive and productive manner. It features all the best that the internet has to offer in terms of technology and literacy.

The site is simple to use and interact with. Children not only get the opportunity to read all about the latest events that are occurring in Ireland and around the world but also to comment on them. The public have limited access to the site and are only being able to view the front page. All the children’s comments are pre-moderated.

Comments are awarded stars which can be traded in for rewards five times during the year.

CLiC News offers a positive internet experience for children which encourages them to:

  • Improve their literacy  and media literacy skills
  • Take an active interest in Irish and World news
  • Express their opinions in a thoughtful manner
  • Communicate and argue effectively
  • Be conscious about internet safety

Teachers can download all the comments; review them with the children to help them improve their spelling, grammar and punctuation.  The site can be also be used as a discussion starter in the classroom.   ‌