Engagement Outreach

This programme is currently under development.

Starting in 2015-16 188 local Grangegorman secondary school students got the opportunity to visit the TU Dublin campus in Grangegorman and engage in a practical  workshop linked to a TU Dublin module. Students from the schools also get a tour of the campus and get  the opportunity to talk to current TU Dublin students about College Life.

In 2nd and 3rd year students from these local Grangegorman schools will receive get further opportunities to visit the campus along with talks on subject choices, study skills, time  management along with academic supports identified in consultation with school teachers.

The number of workshops on offer to schools during the 2016-17 academic year have been increased to include: Business, Quantity Surveying, Design Process and Forensics.

The full range of workshops now include:

Product Design 

Propulsion, Potential and Kinetic energy, Newton’s Laws of Motion and Product Design are all explored in this workshop. 

The rounder the wheels, the better. Parallel axles and wheels mean the car will travel in a straight line and not lose energy veering one way or the other.

Once they have the theory, in groups of 3, the students must use a range of materials to design and produce a working Balloon car. A competition is then held to determine the car that will travel the furthest.


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Business and Entrepreneurship 

Incorporating the best of a board game into a business context this workshop gets students  to run their own business and compete, collaborate, and negotiate with other players.

Game play is designed to recreate the real-life thrills and challenges of entrepreneurship in a fun and educational social learning experience.

Activities are designed to enable the students to experience the challenges of entrepreneurship and at the same time provide an engaging and experiential group learning opportunity.


Electronics - E-Textiles

The projects the students will undertake in the this workshop will introduce the area of electricity, circuits, switches, conductors and basic electronic components.

Students will get a chance to explore creative applications of technology, combining crafts with electronics.


Quantity Surveying

The range of activities in this workshop gives all your students  a chance to participate and experience real-world maths applications.

  • Room Costing: Catalogue prices, exchange rates and additional costs.
  • Common Measurements using Arckit scaled models
  • Minecraft 3d areas and material calculations
  • SketchUp 3d room area, surface calculations, paint requirements
  • Real Floor Plans: Calculating area for carpets
  • Paving: Measuring area and calculating the number of different materials needed to cover it.

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Design Process

In pairs the students interview each other, create a point-of-view, ideate, and roughly sketch out a number of designs for the perfect button badge or bookmark for their partner. The materials they can use for the creations are restricted to fingerprint paints, markers and pencils. A number of books are offered for research and to generate ideas.

Fingerprinting painting was chosen to give as many students as possible, regardless of their creative abilities, the opportunity to produce a badge or bookmark of a reasonable artistic standard.

The end of the process sees each student producing a button badge or bookmark for their partner which they can take away with them.


CSI - Forensics

The Crime Scene Investigates workshop gives students an opportunity to learn about fingerprints, memory tests, DNA extraction, handwriting identification and chromatography. Some of these will already have been covered by the students in 1st year. Linking them all together however in one workshop, in a third level setting, gives students the opportunity to link their current studies to possible careers in the future.


Robotic Programming

“Robots provide entry level programming students with a physical model to visually demonstrate concepts or ideas traditionally taught using abstractions.” Brian Heese (2014)

Using Edison robots students will be challenged to programme them to complete a number of tasks.

Depending on the group they will be using drag and drop graphical icons or a text to programme the robots.

Students will enjoy the robot programming process, problem solving and collaborating as they compete to get their robot closest to the finishing line, the first to complete an obstacle course, track a line and win at sumo wrestling.


Renewable Energy

The workshop allows students to explore many basic renewable energy technologies including wind, solar, fuel cells, and a hydrogen storage system. By learning about this technology through experimentation, students will not only find out how these technologies work, but hopefully they will be inspired to explore alternative energy technologies outside the classroom.

Image thermal power kit

Sports Science

Many teenagers are interested in becoming professional sportspersons. For those who don’t make it in their desired field however, there are many related jobs to be explored in the areas of health, wellness and fitness. This workshop investigates different areas of Sports Science and includes a range of sporting activities which are delivered by the staff in TU Dublin Sports and Recreation.