Birthday Picture  29 April 2016

For the past five years senior national school pupils have been reading news stories online written and edited by journalism students at DIT. On April 25th school pupils and journalism students celebrated 5 years of CLiC News in DIT Aungier Street.

Birthday Picture

CLiC News is an idea developed by the DIT Access and Civic engagement office and the School of Media.  It provides a safe and secure site where primary school children can improve their literacy skills and media awareness through engaging with real, though age appropriate, news stories, supplied by journalism students.

Pupils get to read news and current affairs, comment on stories and receive feedback while journalism students learn to produce news for a specific audience, employ their writing and editing skills, along with audio and video. The students also apply their understanding of news values, journalism ethics and media law by producing news for a real audience who can comment on what is published.