Department of Education and Skills

sponsor_educationandskills Programmes sponsored: Students Learning with Communities, DIT Access Service

Students Learning with Communities is funded under the Strategic Innovation Fund by the Department of Education and Science, through the HEA, under the National Development Plan.

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) is a multi-annual fund, amounting to €510 million over the period 2006 – 2013, which is directed towards support for innovation in higher education institutions. It supports new approaches to enhancing quality and effectiveness within higher education and research, incorporating the use of existing resources (including capital resources) more effectively, as well as new funding. Projects approved to date under SIF are aimed at enhancing collaboration between higher education institutions, improving teaching and learning, supporting institutional reform, promoting access and lifelong learning and supporting the development of fourth level education.

In 2008 DIT received funding from SIF Cycle 2 for a three-year pilot programme called Students Learning With Communities. This funding has provided two staff for the duration of the pilot programme, as well as a non-pay budget. We gratefully acknowledge the role of the Department of Education in funding our work in this area.