Students Learning with Communities

Looking for a topic for your final year project or thesis (undergraduate or postgraduate)?‌‌‌‌ 

Are you interested in collaborating with a community/not-for-profit partner on a real-life project? If you would like to contact us we will help you get started and connect you with communities.


Students Learning With Communities coordinates community-based research within DIT (also known as Science Shop, although not confined to science subjects), in response to questions and concerns from underserved community groups and organisations.

Interested students can conduct this research, in collaboration with the community partner who suggested the topic, as part of their accredited studies.This is usually a final year project or thesis. ‌

We continually update a list of research questions from underserved community partners who don't have the resources to do the research themselves. These requests for research cover a wide range of topics - both applied and theoretical. We match students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to the real-life research topics that relate to their studies and interests. If you are a student looking for an idea for a research project (or lecturer looking for an idea for their student(s)) then please check out the project ideas grouped into broad discipline areas in the side menus (which we update regularly).

The 'Collecting and analysing data' section contains projects from a wide range of disciplines which require primary research. Then contact us for more details or to discuss an idea you might have.

We will ask you to go through an application process (see our DIT CBR Process Map - September 2015 for details) which will begin with you filling out the CBR Application Form for Students - Sept 2015 You might also like to look at our Collaborative research agreement form, which all partners normally complete and sign at the first meeting at the start of a project, as well as our Guidelines on roles for community-based research projects. You can also view previously completed research projects by other students in collaboration with community partners.

Please click on the discipline area that interests you in the side menu to see current research ideas/questions from community partners - please note that the 'Collecting and analysing data' section contains projects from a wide range of disciplines which require primary research, so you might want to browse this too.


If you are looking to find out more about Community Based Research generally, you may wish to visit the Living Knowledge Network.