Students Learning with Communities

Please find below a range of links and resources that we hope will be useful.

To find a range of resources, short videos and teaching material on Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI), which involves collaboratively solving real-world problems,please click here.

To find a range of Irish resources on curriculum-based engaged learning and teaching, and research, see Campus Engage's Participate Programme resourcesclick here

Community-Engaged Research in Ireland: an introduction to the principles of Community-Engaged Research, a handbook on how to do engaged research, and a series of policy recommendations to support it, as well as 'how-to' guides. TU Dublin staff contributed to this Campus Engage report, which includes TU Dublin (formerly DIT) case studies - click here.

For up-to-date tweets and retweets on resources, funding and dissemination opportunities, follow us on twitter here

For an example of a Resource Pack for Codes of Behaviour for students when working with young people, please find TU Dublin lecturer Julie Dunne's Tutor Pack for Pharmacy Technician students tutoring project with Larkin College - click here. 

To see a range of projects that have already run in various subject areas in TU Dublin, you might like to click here.

To see a list of current project ideas from our community partners, and a range of useful forms and process maps related to community-based research, click here.

For a 'getting-started' kit to help plan community-based learning, you might find this guide from Miami Dade Community College useful - click here.

For more in-depth toolkits for planning projects, the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health/ Learn and Serve America toolkit is very thorough - click here - as is this South African resource by Bender et al - click here.

For resources and case studies on community-engaged research and learning projects from the University of Limerick, click here

For a review of the literature on the effectiveness of community-based learning, you should read this paper by Clayton Hurd - click here.

For assessing students' learning from engagement (rather than discipline-specific learning), you might like to read the following paper from the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement in the UK - click here

To think about preparing students for reflection, we have developed a mind-map which you might find useful - ‌. We also have a customisable reflection facilitation pack that we can send to TU Dublin lecturers - let us know if you would like a copy of this.

For sample rubrics for assessing student reflection on learning, you might like to view the following from Burton (1999) - click here - and from Hawai'i Campus Compact - click here.

For a sample of a module descriptor that can be used to develop an existing or new module to incorporate community based learning you might like to have a look at the following - click here.

For a sample of a module descriptor that was used by staff to teach a module on community based research as part of the Masters in Public Relations programme in DIT (now TU Dublin), that can be used to help develop an existing or new module to incorporate community based learning you might like to have a look at the following  - click here.