Students Learning with Communities

DIT lecturers have been giving us their feedback over several years on their experiences of collaborative projects with communities.

Here are some short video interviews with lecturers:


Environmental Health lecturer Sara Boyd talks about her experience of the Students Learning With Communities summer school and her plans for community-based learning projects - click here to view

Hospitality Management and Tourism lecturer Deirdre Quinn talks about her experience of the College Awareness of Road Safety (CARS) project and her experience of the Students Learning With Communities summer school - click here to view.


What DIT Lecturer's say about participating in the Student Learning With Communities programme:

Sheila Sugrue - Human Nutrition and Dietetics:

"As students undertaking the BSc (Human Nutrition and Dietetics) are going to undertake placements in community settings in third year and may have careers in the HSE in clinical and community roles, opportunities are needed at all stages of the course for students to engage with communities and community organisations to enhance student learning, skill development and understanding of these settings."

Dave O'Connor - Spatial Planning and Environmental Management:

"The live situation is the best way to practically demonstrate concepts and to achieve learning outcomes."

 Barry Sheehan - Interior and Furniture Design:

"Although the ACE [Students Learning With Communities] projects push us all they are in fact great and very rewarding. All  the people we met were fantastic, warm and welcoming’.

Leah Mitchell - Manufacturing and Design Engineering:

"The SLWC project was more challenging than group projects we have carried out in the past. The experience to date has been positive from both the student and staff point of view. It did allow us to meet the learning outcomes of the course while doing something that helped both the students and a community group."

Ciaran O'Leary - Computing:

"It is clear that in the future, as we attempt to produce graduates with excellent skills for industry and a strong community oriented ethos, service learning will be one of our most valuable tools."

 Claire McDonnell – Optometry:

“They [students] got invaluable experience”; “I enjoyed teaching in a different way”; “SLWC [staff] have been a great support”

Leslie Shoemaker - Professional Development:

"This experience provides a direct, real life application of the skills they are learning about in class."

 Joe McGrath- Marketing:

"This has been a particularly effective learning experience for the students involved. I have rarely encountered so much enthusiasm, creativity and real interest in applying marketing to a real life need."

 Jass McEvoy – Early Childhood Education:

“A great confidence builder [for the students]. It provided a new energy in group, brought students closer together. Great scope for sharing – ideas, strengths and talents. Gives great insight to both groups [students and community partners]”; “I would definitely do another SLWC project”

John McGann – Optometry:

“I could see the benefit for everyone concerned – students, community and myself.”; “Working with students and local community outside of the college environment was [a] very rewarding experience’

Joseph Teehan – Electrical Services Engineering:

“It provided an opportunity for our students to do something different in the academic year that expands their abilities to work in groups and present their knowledge to the public.”

‌Carmel Rooney, a lecturer in Communications in the faculty of Business in the School of Marketing, talks about her involvement in a Students Learning with Communities project for Dyspraxia Ireland.