The ‘Meeting of Energy Professional Skills’ (MEnS) project is funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and addresses the EE4 Energy Efficiency action focused on upskilling construction professionals in ‘Nearly Zero Energy Building’ (NZEB).

The MEnS project will provide and enhance the NZEB skills of building managers such as engineers and architects through a series of EU-wide inter-disciplinary accredited training activities developed by 9 universities and 3 market players. The project focuses on retrofitting of residential housing stock and emphasises gender equality, with the objective of achieving participation of at least 50% female or unemployed in the training programmes.

The MEnS project aims to:

  • Increase the knowledge and skills of at least 1800 engineers, architects and building managers in NZEB design and construction, out of which 50% will be women or unemployed.
  • Create and implement a new education and training programme for professionals in 10 countries, under the European Qualifications Framework provisions and based on common postgraduate learning outcomes (Level 9 in the Irish National Framework of Qualifications).
  • Create and implement an innovative, interdisciplinary education and training programme with an integrated approach, focusing on real case studies.
  • Accredit courses using the formal procedure applying in each country and assign ECTS credits to the learning.
  • Enhance and support the development of a professional network in Europe, specifically focused on retrofitting of housing stock towards NZEB, connecting with a target audience of over 250,000 stakeholders and market players.
  • Provide working opportunities to unemployed professionals by bringing them closer to possible employers and improving their qualifications.
  •  Continue the education and training courses for at least 5 years after the end of the project based on concrete sustainability plans agreed by University partners.
  •  Achieve energy savings and/or increased use of renewables of at least 28,96 GWh/year.

Central to the MEnS project are the postgraduate level ‘Professional Energy Skills in NZEB’ modules which will be offered free of charge by each of the 10 Universities listed below.  These courses aim to empower building professionals through the development of skills in energy efficiency and integration of renewables in the retrofit of existing housing stock.

For information on the DIT MEnS module see: ARCH1181 Professional Energy Skills in nZEB module

Further information on the MEnS modules across the EU see: Professional Training Courses in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

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