Architectural Technology: First Year

First year provides the student with the opportunity to build a range of core skills centred on the techncial design process.

In the first semester students develop skills in sketching and hand drawing as a means of investigating technical information. They also develop skills in modelmaking as a means of exploring the three dimensional nature of building construction. Studio projects provide the means for researching and developing techncial solutions to a variety of building construction problems, including environmental factors. This takes place in parallel to the development of skills in Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a central tool in the techncial design process.

In the second semester students apply these skills to the development of a comprehensive set of construction documents for a two storey domestic house. This is includes the integration of low energy domestic coinstruction detailing within a passive design strategy, all digitally modelled using the Autodesk Revit BIM application which is available to all students under academic licence. 

This is a selection of the work of DT175 BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology first year student Emma Harrington:

01_Project 1_Drawing to Observe

02_Project 2_Research into Wall Types, U Values and Insulation

03_Project 3_Foundations & Floors

04_Project 4_Ballyfermot Study Trip

05_Project 5_External Openings

06_Project 6_Survey & Client Report

07_Project 7_House Model & Report

08_Project 7_House GAs

09_Project 7_House 1-20 Section

10_Project 7_House 2D Details

11_Project 7_House 2D Detail Abutment & Wall Support

12_Project 7_House Site Plan & Drainage

13_Project 7_House Planning Application Drawings

14_Project 7_House Schedules

15_Scale Models



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    Architectural Technology: First Year