Architectural Technology: Second Year

Second year challenges the student to build upon the core skills developed in first year, applying these to more complex building design projects.

Techncial Design Studio explores materials and construction techniques employed in typical and non-typical contemporary construction focussing on multi-storey residential timber buildings and medium span non-residential steel framed buildings.

Students engage further in research and information gathering, allowing them to develop the necessary skills for selection and assembly of appropriate building materials. In parallel the module involves meeting contemporary and future building and energy performance criteria.

Students develop techniques in three-dimensional technical design using a wide range of processes, including sketches, esquisses, overlays, investigative models, manual and digital drawings. Students also develo0p and apply numerical and calculation skills within the techncial design process.

Along with soft ICT skills the learner is encouraged to use a range of generic computer applications in the generation of relevant construction information and present it in digital and physical form as well as in audio visual presentations.

Over the course of the year students develop the tools and skills necessary for the Architectural Technologist to engage in the translation of a design intents into built reality.

This is a selection of the work of DT175 BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology second year student Rian Murray:

01 Ground_Floor_Plans_Part 1

02 Ground_Floor_Plans_Part 2

03 Building_Section

04 Details Ground Floor Walls

05 Details Ground Floor Windows

06 Details Roof Junctions

07 Details Canopy

08 Details Basement

09 Details Entrance

10 Reception

11 Toilet_Plans

12 Coffee_Area_Plans

13 Coffee_Area_Sections

14 Partitions

15 Elevations

16 Renders Office

17 Renders Hall

18 Renders Night

19 Renders External

20 Renders Reception


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    Architectural Technology: Second Year