Boyd Barrett School

The focus of Semester 1 the 2013-2014 Springboard-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Analysis & Energy Retrofit programme was a study of the archetypal Department of Education 1940s school design by the renowned architect Boyd-Barrett. Each student was required to develop a deep energy retrofit design proposal to a 45 kWh/m2a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standard using the PHPP design tool

Over twenty project designs were produced by a class of architects and architectural technologists using a variety of digital modelling and environmental design software applications including PHPP. Modify with commentary as required.

These are selected posters of the ‘Boyd-Barrett School’ projects:

nZEB School Mo Zainal

nZEB School Daniel Coyle

nZEB School Ian Black

nZEB School Richard Callaghan

nZEB School David Ledwith

nZEB School Eanna McManus

nZEB School Raymond OReilly

BB School 02
    Boyd Barrett School