DT101/3 Architecture - School Project

Third year architecture explores the theme of commuting and work this year. Projects are located for the full academic year in Drogheda, as it is one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland with a large commuting population. The first semester’s area of study was located around the train station with a series of sites chosen to explore ideas relating to the public realm and the design of a school. The students were required to address the context and develop ideas for a place of learning using environmental concerns as a framework.

The second semester is exploring patterns of work in the early 21st century. The centre of Drogheda has been chosen to explore concepts of work with a manifesto as a starting point and a corporate headquarters as the main project. The context is tightly defined and the emphasis is on developing an understanding of space through the comprehension of tasks. The second semester emphasises the importance of an idea to architectural design.


    DT101/3 Architecture Project Liam Hayes