DT101/5 Thesis Project - Cillian McGrath

The Delight of the Unknown

Project: Floating City, Royal Canal, Co. Dublin

This thesis project is about the relationship between time, use and form. It is focused on the idea of embracing uncertainty and taking delight in what is here today and gone again tomorrow: the architecture of a fleeting moment.
The aim of the project is to address the prevailing problem of centreless,developer-driven suburbia of West Dublin. 
This Project is a mobile metropolis, a spontaneous city in a constant state of flux. It makes use of the under-used Royal Canal infrastructure between locks 13(Leixlip), and 12(Castleknock) to host a city. The canal counter sprawl is imagined in a familiar future of a vast, densely developed suburbia.
The floating city of shared resources serves existing suburbs but has the potential to spread throughout the country in a joyous state of harmony with the sprawl.

    Cillian McGrath DT101/5 Thesis Project 2018