DT175/DT101 Second Year Joint Project

Students in Year 2 Architecture and Year 2 Architectural Technology worked in groups of 3/4 to develop ideas for the design of a timber tower or walkway with a sheltered viewing platform.  This involved developing a concept as well as the detailed technical design.

The initial idea was developed in collaboration with each other, through discussion and model making (real and on Computer) and sketching. 

Each student recorded their work/process in the form of drawings, sketches and models during the exercise and there were various points of reference for cross team collaboration, reviews and discussions. Students were encouraged to learn from precedent and explore the creative potential of timber in it’s use.

These are some images from the project:

Timber tower poster

Timber round towers

Timber tower canopy

Timber tower varied

Timber tower canopy

Timber tower section

Timber tower exploded axonometric

    Timber tower: architecture and architectural technology joint project