Learning from Peter Rice

''I would distinguish the difference between the engineer and the architect by saying the architect’s response is primarily creative, whereas the engineer’s is essentially inventive.''­  Peter Rice, Engineer

This 3-week collaborative project on the work of Irish engineer Peter Rice was undertaken at DSA in the fall semester of 2012 involving 3rd and 4th year architectural technology students as their first project in their Technical Design Studio (TDS) module. The students were asked to research and analyze Rice’s buildings and represent their findings through freehand sketches and physical and digital models. In addition six 4th year architectural students each wrote a short analytical text on one of the projects for their History Theory Criticism (HTC) module.

Eleven of Rice’s projects were chosen, students were divided into groups of 5-7, with both years equally represented in each group, and asked to systematically research, analyse, reverse engineer under specific topics and represent their findings about the building and the collaborative process through annotated sketches, 3-d digital models and physical models. For three weeks joint studio sessions were held as well as workshops and reviews with invited guests Architect Seán O Laoire, Engineer Peter Flynn from Arups and Gerard Crowley from Gerard Modelmakers, along with DSA staff.

This is an illustrated report on the Learning from Peter Rice project: Learning from Peter Rice

These are a series of study posters prepared as part of the Learning from Peter Rice project:

Cite Des Sciences et de L'industrie CITE 

IBM Pavillion IBM Poster 

Kansai Airport KANSAI 

Llyods of London LLOYDS 

The Menil Museum MENIL 

Sydney Opera House OPERA 

Pabellon Del Futuro  PABELLON 

Patscenter New Jersey PATS 

Pompidou Centre POMPIDOU 

TGV Station Roissy ROISSY

Standsted Airport STANDSTED 

This is a slide show of images from the 'An Engineer Imagines' exhibition in Dundalk County Museum: An Engineer Imagines

    Learning from Peter Rice project NCAD 2013