Interview with Portfolio

Guidelines for the assembly of a portfolio of work for admission to the TU Dublin DT101 Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) programme

The Dublin School of Architecture recognizes each applicant is unique. Your personal portfolio of work privides an opportunity for you to show your individual abilities and interests, and your readiness to join our Bachelor of Architecture programme.

We suggest that you present 10-20 pieces of your work. The work presented should demonstrate your interest, experience and aptitude in creative and graphic areas. Works may include but are not limited to sketches, freehand drawings, paintings, sculpture, graphics, art photography, woodworking, ceramics, film, or other visual media.

An A4 inventory sheet listing all pieces of work (title, medium, dimensions, date completed) should be included. Please indicate whether the work was done as part of a school assessment, extracurricular activity, or on your own. Be selective about the works you present. Include a range of items using a variety of media. We are looking for quality over quantity. The overall presentation, quality, and clarity of the portfolio is part of the interview discussion and evaluation process.

You must bring your portfolio with you in your interview. Your portfolio will be assessed as part of the interview process and should demonstrate critical observation, visual awareness, imagination, idea Invention, problem solving, creative conceptual thinking, commitment and ambition.

Please note that all original works at a larger scale should be reproduced as high quality images (photos or scans) and be inserted in to the portfolio at not larger than A1 size.

You may find the video useful is imagining what work you might include. 

Dublin School of Architecture guidance on portfolio content for the Interview with Portfolio element of the DT101 Bachelor of Architecture admission process on Vimeo.