The Dublin School of Architecture offers two Scholarships: the Morrison Scholarships and the Mont Kavanagh Scholarships

The Sir Richard Morrison Scholarship

The Sir Richard Morrison Scholarship Scheme was established by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Colquhoun Morrison who bequeath a sum of money ‘to provide scholarships for students of Architecture’ in memory of his relation, Sir Richard Morrison. It is an annual competition which supports a student in each of the five years in the Bachelor of Architecture honours degree programme and each of the 4 years of the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology honours degree programme at DIT. The scholarships will be awarded to students of proven engagement and academic excellence within the current academic year. Each scholarship is worth €3,000.

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The Mont Kavanagh Scholarship and Award
The Mont Kavanagh Scholarship and Award for Architecture and Fine Art were launched in 2016 following a significant donation from the Mont Kavanagh Trust. The annual awards will support and recognise talented and committed DIT undergraduate students in Architecture, Architectural Technology and Fine Art. 

The Mont Kavanagh Scholarship for Architecture aims to support an incoming 2nd year student of Architecture and Architectural Technology who has not only demonstrated academic achievement in their first year but has also shown that they truly value and appreciate their learning experience. The award panel will be looking for students who have gone above and beyond both in the class and also extra-curricular activities. Each Award is valued at a total of €5,000 with the scholarship payments spread annually across the final years of study.  Applicants must have a high level of academic achievement and demonstrated extracurricular engagement with Architecture or Architectural Technology. 

The Mont Kavanagh Award for Architecture at DIT aims to celebrate and recognise commitment, talent and academic excellence in the study of Architecture. The Award is open to final year students of architecture and architectural technology. This award recognises a high-achieving ‘one to watch’ graduate who will make their mark in the world of Architecture both in Ireland and abroad. The Mont Kavanagh Award is valued at €5,000. All applicants must have demonstrated excellence in academic work as well as extra-curricular activities/engagement.

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