DT101 Bachelor of Architecture ​Suitability Test

Admission to the DT101 Bachelor of Architecture programme comprises three elements:

1/ Leaving Certificate (625 max CAO points, including 25 bonus points for higher level mathematics)
2/ Suitability Test (100 points max)
3/ Interview with Portfolio (100 points max)

The Suitability Test comprises three sections and takes approximately 2 hours.

The first section is a ''Why am I suited to studying architecture?'' written statement of 300 approximately words. The aim of the written statement is to determine self awareness and interest in architecture as a field of study and professional activity.

The second section requires the applicant to develop visual clues. This identifies a capacity for visualisation, imagination and the association of ideas.

The third section requires the development of a three dimensional design idea. This provides an opportunity to demonstrate a 3D awareness, and a sense of scale and proportion.

The Suitability Test takes place in the Dublin School of Architecture Linenhall building during the Easter break each year.  All DT101 CAO applicants will be written to and assigned a time slot.