Key Information

1.     Background Information to DIT Academic Writing Centre

Over the past number of years Irish Universities have seen the need to support students’ academic writing and have invested in the development of Academic Writing Centres.  As part of college work students are required to submit written assignments, essays, projects, examination scripts, dissertations and theses.  These require students to be able to e.g. present information, communicate ideas, develop and make an argument effectively.  Defined as academic writing skills, these core competences are viewed as a key indicator for student success in college.

The Academic Writing Centre is an initiative that aims to support all DIT students in developing their skills as writers regardless of their discipline or level.  It is free!  It is a friendly, non-judgmental service whose aim is to develop students’ confidence and competence as writers in an academic setting.

2.     What does the Academic Writing Centre do?

DIT Academic Writing Centre currently offers:

An opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to engage in pre-arranged appointments designed specifically to support and develop their academic writing.

These one to one sessions focus on supporting students with their academic writing skills, whether this is the development, structure, flow or referencing of an academic essay, written project, report, or other document.

We provide one to one appointments with a tutor and a Drop-in session (no appointment required) on Thursday mornings in DIT Kevin Street.

Students are required to book an appointment a week prior to their desired date.  In order to book an appointment please fill in the Book an Appointment Form available at the Academic Writing Centre Website www.dit.ie/awc .   For more information please read the section on Booking appointments and Location.

For up to date schedule please check our website at www.dit.ie/awc

3.     What is a typical one to one session like?

The one to one sessions are informal and interactive.  A relaxed atmosphere is encouraged.  

Tutors can facilitate support of students across the many elements and stages associated with academic writing.

The tutor will ask the student questions to help him/her to articulate ideas on the writing topic.

Students may be asked to read the work aloud; likewise the tutor may read the piece out loud to the student.

Students will be encouraged to adopt a critical thinking approach and to reflect on the writing process.

Collectively the student and tutor will generate ideas on a topic, plan on how to best research and gather information, analyze issues relating to document structure, develop alternative constructions for sentences and paragraphs as well as considering issues of coherence and cohesiveness, and of style and register.

4.     What does the Academic Writing Centre not do?

The Academic Writing Centre does not offer:

A proof-reading service

A ‘write my assignment’ service

A ‘plan my assignment’ service

Classes in English as a foreign language service

Specialized support to students with learning difficulties

Thesis review

Journal submission reviews

Grading and marking of assignments and exam scripts

Booking appointments and Location

5.     How do I book a one to one session in the Academic Writing Centre?

To book a one to one consultation session please go to www.dit.ie/awc and fill in the Book an Appointment Form.

 6.     How far in advance do I have to book an appointment?

You are required to book your appointment at least a week in advance of your desired date.  This will allow us to manage appointments and to better utilize resources at the Academic Writing Centre.  It will also mean that you will be able to prepare yourself in advance of the appointment.  You may find it useful to make a list with what you would like to discuss or to put together a file with the written assignment brief and other text resources you are currently working with.

Requesting an appointment with at least a week’s notice will hopefully mean that you do not experience any delays in seeing an academic writing tutor and that the support you requires is timely.   Appointments are given on a first come first served basis.  Therefore, it is in your interest to request an appointment as soon as possible.   Your request for an appointment needs to be received by 12:00 noon on Friday.  A request for an appointment received after that time will not be considered for the week ahead.

7.     Will I receive a confirmation to my request for an appointment?

You will receive a confirmation email indicating the day/time/venue for your one to one consultation. You will receive a reply no later than Friday 17:00. 

You are then required to confirm you will attend the one to one session at the time and venue indicated.

8.     How do I cancel a confirmed appointment?

You should treat an appointment at the AWC as you would any other professional appointment.  You are therefore required to cancel at least a day in advance of your appointment

Please note that the Academic Writing Centre reserves the right to refuse future request for an appointment from students who fail to follow the guidelines on appointment cancellation.

 9.     Can I have more than one appointment at the Academic Writing Centre?

Students can only avail of ONE individual appointment a week at the AWC. 

10.  Can I make subsequent appointments the Academic Writing Centre?

Yes, students may book subsequent appointments at the AWC.  However, in the event of clash (day/time) students who have not availed of the one to one consultations before will be dealt with in the first instance.

11.  Can I visit the Academic Writing Centre without an appointment?

Yes, you can avail of the Drop-in Session in Kevin Street, Thursday 10-12 noon. However, students who engage in pre-booked sessions report higher levels of satisfaction than those who opt for the ‘drop-in’ option.

12. Where is the Academic Writing Centre located?

The Academic Writing Centre is located in:

Southside Campus

DIT Kevin Street Room KA3025 (third floor, Annex Building)


Northside Campus

DIT Bolton Street, Room BL 369.2 Seminar Room, Library Bolton Street http://dit.ie/about/campusfacilities/locations/

Academic Writing Centre Sessions

 13.  How long is the one to one session with a tutor?

The session is generally 50 minutes long.  It starts on the hour and it finishes at 10 minutes to the hour. Follow on appointments are available for students if so requested or required.

 14.  How does the session start?

Sessions are informal, and a relaxed atmosphere is encouraged. The Academic Writing Tutor will introduce himself/herself and ask you what you would like to do during the session.

 15.  What type of support can I expect to get at a consultation session with one of the tutors?

Tutors will encourage you, prompt you to think for yourself, to come up with solutions or approaches to a specific question.  They will not direct you to take a particular approach, plan your written assignment or correct your written work.

16.  Can I attend more than one session?

Yes, students are welcome to book sessions throughout the duration of their studies in DIT.   

17.  What should I bring to the session?

You are advised to bring a printed copy of the particular piece you are currently working on. This can be a written assignment, essay, report, journal, or even the assignment brief from your lecturer.

18.  How much does it cost to attend a one to one session with a tutor?

The Academic Writing Service is a free service to all DIT students. Therefore, there is no cost to attend the one to one consultation sessions with a tutor, or to avail of a session at the drop-in times.

 19.  What is the current schedule of one to one consultation sessions with Academic Writing Centre tutors?

Please check our website at www.dit.ie/awc for an updated schedule for this semester.

Other Questions

20.  What other supports are available to DIT students?

The following supports are provided by DIT, students should contact each department directly if required.

Learning Support

Phone:  01- 402 7681

Email: disability@dit.ie


Phone: 01- 4023352 or 0860820543

Webpage: http://www.dit.ie/campuslife/counselling/

English as a foreign language

Phone: 01- 402 28 43

Email: languages@dit.ie

Library Support

Web: http://www.dit.ie/library/

 21.  What can I do if I am not able to book online?

Please send an email to academicwritingcentre@dit.ie

22.  Any other queries, please email academicwritingcentre@dit.ie


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