Research and Postgraduates

The School of Biological Sciences currently has 11 postgraduate students and 3 research assistants involved in a multidiciplinary research group. The School has a well equipped laboratory with PCR, Real Time PCR, automated sequencing, recombinant protein production, immune histochemistry, fluorescent in situ hybridisation and general molecular capabilities.

The main research areas under investigation in the School are;

Novel approaches to molecular diagnostics

Genetic polymorphisms predisposing to thrombosis

The aetiology of coeliac disease

The role of inflammatory mediators in chronic immune diseases

Analysis of human papilloma virus infection in cervical carcinoma

Smoltification analysis in Atlantic salmon

Histological classification of Abalone tissue

Study of Socio-Demographic, Attitudinal and Cultural Factors Related to Breast-Feeding

Nutritional health promotion in disadvantaged groups


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