B.Sc Pharmaceutical Healthcare

What is... Pharmaceutical Healthcare?

The aim of the Pharmaceutical Healthcare programme is to produce graduates that are capable of making a significant contribution to the operation of the pharmaceutical industry. The primary objective is to give the graduate a broad understanding of the pharmaceutical industry in order to meet the current and anticipated technical needs of the industry.

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  • Dr. Renee Malone / Dr. Gemma Kinsella
  • renee.malone@dit.ie / gemma.kinsella@dit.ie
  • 01 402 7545 / 01 402 7541
  • School of Food Science and Environmental Health, D.I.T. Cathal Brugha St. Dublin
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Specialist knowledge relevant to the current state of art in manufacturing related to the pharmaceutical and allied industries; including but not limited to, process analytical technologies, continuous manufacturing methodologies, pharmaceutical formulation and manufacture and drug purification and characterisation.

Competencies in a comprehensive range of practical, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills and instrumentation in the areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic and medicinal), microbiology (general and pharmaceutical), and biotechnology (with bioprocessing) applied to the pharmaceutical healthcare industrial environment; clean room validation and garbing (ISO Class 7) and aseptic technique.

Knowledge of selected international legislative frameworks, regulatory controls pertaining to the pharmaceutical and allied industries manufacturing industry together with a knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Quality Assurance, Quality Control and validation requirements;

All pharmaceutical research or production organisations including industry, academic sites and hospital based laboratories.

Suitable placement activities; (ideally a range of the following):  

  • Auditing
  • Analysis
  • Bio/pharmaceutical production
  • H&S
  • Processing
  • Research and development
  • Report writing
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • SOP development
  • Safety procedures
  • Technology
  • Use of IT software applied to pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

A minimum of 16 weeks over Jan -May with an option to extend until the end of August.

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