Work Placement/Internship

 A successful work placement programme has been in operation in the College of Business for over twenty years. In collaboration with a strong and continuously growing network of employers we offer our students an invaluable opportunity to apply their knowledge in the workplace.

Work placement is an integral part of a number of programmes across the College including:

  • B.Sc. Business & Management (incorporating finance, HRM, marketing and management) 
  • B.Sc. Retail & Services Management
  • B.Sc. HRM
  • B.Sc. Marketing
  • B.Sc. Computing
  • M.Sc. Digital Marketing

Work placement ensures that students have the opportunity to develop skills relevant in the workplace and enhance their employability and job prospects.  Prior to commencing placement, our students engage in an intensive preparatory course which aims to equip them for their placement and to assist them in making the most of this valuable opportunity.


Benefits for Employers:

  • An additional talented resource for your company
  • Opportunity to free up high salaried professionals from time consuming but essential tasks
  • Opportunity to move projects along with additional employee resources
  • Opportunity to identify and train talented future employees
  • Opportunity to develop long lasting links with a vibrant third level community of students and academics 


Benefits for Students:

  • An opportunity to gain hands on practical business experience
  • An opportunity to build on your academic learning
  • An opportunity to network for your future career


Download our brochures:

B.Sc. in Business and Management Links Placement Programme

BSc. Marketing Placement Brochure

BSc. Retail Placement Brochure

Retail Work Placement Guidelines 2017

Best Practice Guide for Employers


To find out more about how your company can benefit from participation please contact


BSc. Business & Management

BSc. Marketing

BSc. Retail & Services Management

Stacy MacCarthy

+353 1 4027089


BSc. Business Computing

Farrah Higgins

+353 1 4023251


BSc. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

BSc.  Human Resource Management

Elaine Rossiter

+353 1 4023259


MSc. Digital Marketing

Dr. Etain Kidney

+353 1 4027151