The DIT College of Business is delighted to offer Study Abroad Programme opportunities to international students from our partner universities around the globe. Dublin is a vibrant and exciting city and the College of Business at DIT will provide you with a challenging and rewarding learning experience. Please see below details of how to apply, what you need to do before you come to Dublin - the application steps are different for EU and non EU students - and what will happen when you arrive.

Please see our International Office Guide for more information about Ireland, Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business. 

We look forward to seeing you here.



Assuming a partner agreement is in place, you must then be nominated by your home university to study at DIT - your International Office will send an email to to confirm that you have been selected to come to the DIT. You will then receive an email from the Exchange Section to explain how to apply and what documents you need.


  • Deadline for Submission:     Semester 1/Full Year   30.05.2018
                                                 Semester 2                  30.10.2018 




DIT Honours degrees are internationally recognised are based on a 3 or 4 year programmes of study.
Students take a planned set of core and optional modules on a year by year basis. Unlike other countries, an Irish Students has a defined path of study set out from the start. 
Each Programme is managed as a coherent offering by the School/Department within the College.

As a visiting Study Abroad student you will have access to 14 undergraduate programmes of study at the DIT College of Business. Please note that not all modules on our programmes are available due to limitations on space, structure and delivery.

Full-time students are normally required to study 60 European credits (ECTS) per year or 30 ECTS per semester

A PROGRAMME = This is the defined pathway for a full time student and each programme is made up of separate academic years, with core and optional modules for each year of that programme. A programme of study is typically four years in duration.

A MODULE = A module will normally be offered on a single year of a programme (some modules are shared across programmes)- usually a module which is worth 5 ECTS has 2-3 contact hours per week for one semester. Modules are only delivered once per academic year/semester on an individual programme.

As a Study Abroad student you can choose modules from different programmes and levels.

As you are allowed to choose from across different programmes, you will notice that in the Module Catalogues the same or similar modules are offered multiple times - this is to give you a wider range of choice of options and allows you to tailor your study plan.

There are more than 300 modules in our Module Catalogue on offer to you as a Study Abroad student at DIT College of Business.



You should develop a temporary selection of modules based on the areas you wish to study and the level appropriate to you.

1- Here you can find our Module Catalogue Semester 1 Full Year 

2- Here you can find our Module Catalogue 2017.2018 Semester 2

You will notice that some modules are offered more than one time: this is because they are delivered in different programmes and you, as a Study Abroad student, have access to each one of them since they are exactly the same module, only delivered on a different programme.

2- For the Module Description, please click here. You can look for the programme using the programme code and the year. Please only use the codes given in the Catalogue above because the link is for the modules across the whole Institute but you have only access to the modules listed in the Catalogue

3- For the module delivery time or timetable - more details will be given during the Induction week but if you wish to look for the provisional timetables you can go here. The username is: students and the password is: timetables. Once you are logged in, you have to do a search by programme using the codes provided.
Please note that the Timetables are still provisional and will only be finalised at the end of the Induction Week

We can offer ONLY the modules listed in the Module Catalogue (the Excel File)

3- When you fill in the Temporary Selection of Modules or the DIT Learning Contract/Programme of Study (see below for further details), you need to indicate also the code of the module. 
The table of subjects in this section indicates the ECTS (European credits) for each module and the semester(s) in which the module is delivered.

  • LEGEND: 
    1= Semester  1 
    2= Semester 2 
    AY= Full Year
  • Please note that if you are only staying for one Semester you cannot choose modules which last for the Full Year.
  • When you fill in the Temporary Selection of Modules or the DIT Learning Contract/Programme of Study (see below for further details), you need to indicate also the code of the module. The table of subjects in this section indicates the ECTS (European credits) for each module and the semester(s) in which the module is delivered.
  • LEGEND: 1= Semester 1 - 2= Semester 2 - AY= Full Year
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Students who will be studying in DIT in Semester 2 only, can't take any module of DT365, year 3 - DT555, year 2 - DT555, year 4

  • Please note that if you choose a FULL YEAR module and you are only staying for 1 semester, you will get the half of the credits of the relevant module 
    Try to choose only modules which last one semester
    If this is not possible, then you should talk with the relevant Lecturer when you are here in DIT to see whether it is possible for you to take the Full Year module but just for one semester

The deadline for the Submission of the Provisional Programme of Study Learning Contract Pre-Learning Agreements:
SEMESTER 1: 30.06.2018
SEMESTER 2: 30.11.2018

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You will make your definite choice of modules only when you are arrived here in Dublin. 
All the information will be given during the Induction week which is mandatory to attend - during this week you will be given many of other useful information on Campus and City Life, Health and Safety, Societies, etc. but also on important Academic Issues:



They will be published at the end of the Induction week.
When you choose from different programmes you will need to look carefully at each timetable. Often the modules are delivered more than once to different class groups which gives you a number of options. 
You may attend lectures in the first week to check with the Lecturer delivering the module to ensure that it is suitable for you. 
Please note that while DIT will endeavour to facilitate students' module choices, students must be aware of potential difficulties with timetabling, pre-requisites and year-long modules.

All the details on how to find timetables will be given to you during the Induction Meetings


Once you have done the above, contact the International Project Manager, Patricia Coleman- to complete the Exchange Student Learning Contract

The Deadline for its Submission are:
SEMESTER 1: 30.09.2018
SEMESTER 2: 15.02.2018

ERASMUS STUDENTS please note that this is NOT the Learning Agreement required by your Home Institution:
Learning Agreement is a form that you will receive by your Home Institution and you have to return to them, so please check with your Home School the deadlines
DIT Learning Contract / Programme of Study is a form that you will be given by DIT during the Induction Week.

IMPORTANT: All the students are required to finalise and agree their Selection of Modules with their Home Institution. DIT cannot be responsible for programmes of study which are not recognized and approved by the students' institution. Students are not allowed to take similar modules from different programmes.



This will be based on the Provisional Learning Contract that you submitted in June.
As already mentioned, we not guarantee acceptance into particular modules previously listed. This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Because you have the possibility to take a module combination which is not available to home students, it is likely that some of the module choices that you make will result in timetable clashes, so obliging you to make alternative choice
  • The module for which you have applied may be over-subscribed.
  • In consultation with the department in which you wish to take a module, it is deemed that you do not have the necessary background to successfully complete the module;

You will be required to make a final choice of modules after you have registered in September (or early January for students coming in the second semester with the form mentioned above DIT Learning Contract / Programme of Study). You will be given advice through individual meetings which will be scheduled during the first days of the Semester.



Please note that all the students are required to take the exam and the same assessments as the Local Students do and they are required to take the exam here in Dublin at its schedules date - no alternative assessments are accepted for getting the credits, unless there are specific agreements between DIT and the Partner Institution.

The Exam Sessions are:
SEMESTER 1: 17 – 20 December, 2018/ 07 – 18 January, 2019
SEMESTER 2: 13 – 19 May, 2019

In the unfortunate case of failing of an exam, the student could come back to Dublin for the Supplemental Examination Session, in the last two weeks of August 2019, and sit the Exam Repeats, if this has been previously agreed with the Home Institution.



Following your studies at DIT a Transcript of Results will be sent to your Home Institution, not directly to the student. 
They will be sent 4 weeks after the Official End of Semester 1 or of the Academic Year:

SEMESTER 1: 20.02.2019
SEMESTER 2: 26.06.2019


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