Students Learning With Communities

31 March 2017

Learn how DIT staff and/or students collaborate with under-served community partners (local groups, not-for-profit organisations, charities etc) to develop real-life projects for mutual benefit.

MSc. in Strategic Management students will present their projects on Tuesday, 4th April, 6 pm - 8 pm at room 3-045. 

Learning comes alive for the students as they work on these projects with community partners, developing professional transferable skills, and enhancing their understanding of their specialist subject skills and of the community they work with. Students receive course credits for their work, as these projects are embedded into their studies. Community partners become part of the teaching process through the collaboration, contributing to the education of students, and increasing the relevance of DIT's programmes of study. The processes and outcomes of the collaborative projects are designed to further the community's goals. These projects give all participants the opportunity to engage in critical thinking, and ultimately aim to energise participants to work for social change. 

In 2015/16, over 1055 students across DIT were involved in learning with communities and were supervised by 52 DIT Lecturers. These projects took place across 44 programmes of study, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Approximately 1 in 3 undergraduate programmes had students involved in collaborative projects with communities. Since its beginnings in 2008, the Programme has supported projects involving over 8,000 students in collaboration with over 110 Community Partners. 

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