DIT Marketing Graduate- Darren Murray, one of the Co-Founders for TravTab-listed as 'Start-Up of the Week'- SiliconRepublic.com

10 July 2017

TravTab is an exciting, innovative company offering a payment platform operating on both iOS & Android for tourists and travellers alike to make payments off their holiday booking balance.

In interview with SiliconRepublic.com Alan Masterson explained  “TravTab is a B2B2C company which offers white-label mobile applications to travel agencies and tour operators, Travel agencies and tour operators can then offer their customers a more safe, secure and streamlined mobile payment option.”


The founders of TravTab are Alan Masterson and Darren Murray who worked for several years at IBM- “We both worked on the same team, which proved to be a massive plus when we started out on our journey with TravTab. At present, we are a two-man team who have established the company to date while securing major key strategic clients for TravTab and also successfully building our product version.”

Masterson explained that the founders’ patience is about to be rewarded. “After many setbacks and speed bumps, the founders are finally at a stage in TravTab’s journey of launching a product with its first big client soon, so very exciting times. “We have raised initial funding to date from some well-known angel investors in the travel space and are currently raising our seed round of €500,000 from a mix of angels and institutional investors. We hope to close our seed round in the coming months.”

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