Alan O’Beirne- co-founder of UniBrowse holds an MSc in Business Entrepreneurship from DIT.

10 August 2017

UniBrowse is a search engine for students to discover and explore the best third-level courses for them. recently featured UniBrowse as their 'Start-Up of the Week' and DIT Graduate Alan O’Beirne talked to Silicon Republic's John Kennedy about the new venture. “At the core of it, we take the stress out of college applications for students,” explained UniBrowse co-founder Alan O’Beirne. “We collect large amounts of data from different data sources and present it [to] students in a visually engaging way, making it easy for them to identify and analyse college courses seamlessly.

O’Beirne pointed out that everywhere you look, technology is making lives easier and increasing decision-making power. “In a world where Netflix is simplifying entertainment, Skyscanner is simplifying travel, there is nobody simplifying education. Education is quite obviously the cornerstone of global society, so we felt that something needed to be done to improve decision-making support for students. 

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