DIT College of Business celebrate the graduation of three PhD Researchers

30 November 2017

From left to right; Dr. Kate Ui Ghallachoir, Head of School of Marketing, Professor Amr Arisha (Supervisor), Professor Brian Norton (DIT President), Dr. Mohammed Mesabbah, Dr. John Crowe, Dr. Wael Rashwan, Mr. Paul O’Reilly (Head of Research) and Dr. Katrina Lawlor (Dean and Director, College of Business)

DIT College of Business celebrated the graduation of three PhD researchers from the School of Marketing- Dr. Mohammed Mesabbah, Dr. Wael Rashwan and Dr. John Crowe at St. Patrick's Cathedral  on Saturday November 18th. The three PHD graduates are part of the 3S Group- established at DIT College of Business which represents Smart Sustainable Solutions for complex business processes.

The 3S Group research is focused on the ultimate goal of developing an integrated solution framework, leveraging existing mathematical and systems tools from a number of fundamental approaches including system analysis, value stream mapping, stochastic modelling, game theory, simulation and optimisation in Healthcare, Supply chain Applications. 

Congratulations to the three recently conferred PhD graduates and also their supervision team Dr. Waleed Abo Hamad and Dr. Amr Mahfouz on a wonderful achievement. 

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