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29 January 2018

Shona O'Toole discusses how there's 'More to tech jobs than foosball, fry-ups and meetings on beanbags'

Shona O'Toole (27), employee communications and culture manager of Twitter EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia), has been working for the news app for the past four years. She insists there is more to working in tech than the perks.

"I don't think people come to work in Twitter just for the Friday fry-up or the foosball," she says, laughing. "Don't get me wrong, the perks are great but the food is not the reason why they stay. It's more about the work and the people who work here."

Ms O'Toole herself doesn't come from a tech background. Instead, she studied business and management in DIT. She knew she wanted to get into marketing, business or PR and began interning for Twitter on a three-month stint, followed by a longer six-month stretch. "Then I was made permanent," she says.

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